We are adding an update on the Expeditions over the past year

Wow, we need to share with you a lot more often! We have a lot of expeditions, images, and info to share.

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Henry Kelsey saw the Battle of Hudson Bay first-hand and surrendered to D’Iberville

Read the journal notes of Henry Kelsey from 1697 when he watched for 2 weeks as the French-Canadian Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville attacked and captured York Fort. If you haven't heard of Henry Kelsey he is also a great explorer. He is the first known European to see bison and the prairies of central North [...]

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Opportunity to come on Expedition

August 2015 - Travel down the Nelson River to York Factory with the Fara Heim Expedition to search for the lost warships of the 1697 Battle of Hudson Bay In September 1697, a naval battle occurred near the south shores of Hudson Bay in Canada. The battle occurred during King William’s War when the French-Canadian [...]

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Fara Heim presenting at Explorers Club in New York City February 18

If you are in NYC stop and visit.

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Automarine Systems partners with Fara Heim to use autonomous “Datamaran” to search for sunken ship

Fara Heim is working with Automarine Systems to evaluate the use of their Datamaran to search for the wreck of HMS Hampshire in Hudson Bay. The Hampshire was lost in 1697. The Datamaran can house a sensor package and be communicated to from the shores of Hudson Bay. Stay tuned for more info.

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Canada’s History Magazine

Check out Canada's History website. They did a quick review of our drone video at Hudson Bay. Yes, they commented on my unstable drone piloting. It's a good view of the Marsh Point area at low tide on a perfectly sunny day with absolutely no clouds, no wind, and even better no waves.

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Explorers Club Canada Newsletter

Here is a copy of the Explorers Club Canada newsletter.Far Afield Winter 2014

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Fara Heim joins and attends the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada

In May the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada (AASSC) was held at Brock University. AASSC is an interdisciplinary group focusing on humanities and social studies related to Scandinavia. David attended the opening reception sponsored by Jan-Terje Storaas of the Norwegian Embassy. Another event was sponsored by Britt Bengtsson of the Swedish [...]

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Spring 2014 Update

Hello fellow Expeditioners. I hope Spring 2014 finds you well and the Winter was not too harsh. It seemed like a very long winter this year. The Fara Heim team took a several month break from field work after the Hudson Bay trip. Executing expeditions takes a lot of preparation and planning!! For the next [...]

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Battle for Hudson Bay update information

  All future updates will be to our Facebook page as we are running on a satellite phone.  We are going to send text updates to our support team down South and they will post them to Facebook: www.facebook.com/FaraHeim Thanks again to our gear sponsors.  

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