Navionics is now a gear sponsor

Navionics is now a gear sponsor.  They've provided the digital nautical charts of Hudson Bay including the SonarCharts for use in the Humminbird 1198 chartplotting system. We will be able to digitally record anything the Humminbird "sees" via an SD card for future reference along with the map, position (lat/long) and depth. Thanks again Navionics.

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Watson’s provides performance base layer to Fara Heim team

Dan Khoury of Watson's has given his support of the Battle of Hudson Bay project by providing the expedition team with a set of Watson's base layer. Watson's is a Canadian company located in Montreal not too far from Rue D'Iberville. Thanks to Dan and Watson's.

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Captain Norman Baker delivered Flag 109 to the Fara Heim

Captain Norman Baker stopped into Winnipeg on his way back from another Explorers Club expedition and delivered Flag 109.  We took him on the Fara Heim expedition ship on Lake Winnipeg during the Islendingadagurinn weekend.  

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We have done an expedition to Berens River and about to leave for Hudson Bay

We have not been very regular about updating to the expedition diary.  A LOT has been going on: 1. We spent 5 days searching on Lake Winnipeg for hole stones found by a Manitoban named Evald Hansen and referred to in several books written by Hjalmur Holand.  While there we came across a site the [...]

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Fara Heim team launches Kickstarter to fund Battle of Hudson Bay project

Yesterday we launched a Kickstarter campaign.  Johann also did a radio interview with CBC Canada and CJOB in Winnipeg. Today, Victor Suthren joined the Battle of Hudson Bay campaign as military advisor.  He was the Director of the Canadian War Museum and we look forward to working with him on finding the ships of the [...]

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Guy Vadeboncoeur of the Stewart Museum, Bruce Bolton and Eliot Perrin of the Macdonald Stewart Foundation

We spent a great day with Guy Vadeboncoeur at the Stewart Museum in Montreal.  He showed us the exhibits related to the Battle of Hudson Bay and even the signature of Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville (he was a witness at a wedding).  The Stewart Museum has a great collection of maps also and if you [...]

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Hovercraft addition to Fara Heim Foundation vehicles

We now have a hovercraft for use on the Hudson Bay expedition.  Being able to float over the tidal flats will make searching much easier.

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Fara Heim team prepares for the Battle of Hudson Bay expedition in August by visiting Montreal

The team visited Montreal to meet with some Battle of Hudson Bay experts. We first met with the Director of the Stewart Museum, Guy Vadeboncoeur.  He was a great resource and showed us a wedding document signed by Pierre Le Moyne D'Iberville as a witness.  We then visited the Stewart Foundation and spent the afternoon [...]

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The search for Viking mooring stones on Lake Winnipeg happens the first week of July

Using the new 35' Pearson sailboat that was just put into the water at Gimli on June 23rd the Fara Heim team will sail up to Berens River to search for suspected mooring stones found by Evald Hansen in 1955.  The team has a letter from Evald to Hjalmar Holand dated October 10th, 1956 in [...]

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Team will return to Hudson Bay this summer

We are returning to Hudson Bay in August to spend 2 weeks at York Factory.  Last summer on our expedition to the Bay we realized that the story of the Battle of Hudson Bay and Pierre D'Iberville needs to be told. Last year our goal on the Bay was to evaluate isostatic rebound and how, [...]

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