Article in University of Chicago Booth Magazine

Here's an article that just came out in the Chicago Booth Magazine.   University of Chicago Booth Magazine

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Darwin Monita – Founder and President of Aquatics Environmental Services Inc. join Fara Heim as Advisor

Darwin Monita joins the Fara Heim team as an Advisor. He and his company will lead the search activity in Phase 2 of the Battle of Hudson Bay expedition. Darwin has over 30 years of commercial survey experience and has a MSc, Aquatic Ecology, from the University of Calgary. Aquatics Environmental Services, located in Winnipeg, [...]

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Battle of Hudson Bay – Search for the HMS Hampshire

Here's information on Fara Heim's Battle of Hudson Bay expedition. The main objective right now is to develop a public/private relationship with the Canadian Government and Parks Canada as without a permit we can't even look. Once we have the permit we then need to raise the money to get into the field. Fara Heim [...]

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Flight to York Factory and Nanuk Lodge to evaluate Hudson Bay water clarity and shoreline vegetation

The two Johanns flew to Hudson Bay this week to take a look at the clarity of the water and vegetation growth. In conversation with locals that have lived up there for 60+ years we were told that Hudson Bay is much clearer before the winter snow melts and the Nelson and Hayes rivers start [...]

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Dr. Thorbjörn Kenneth Thorlakson is Fara Heim’s first Life Member and has Fara Heim Membership Number #00001

Dr. Ken is Fara Heim's first Life Member. Dr. Thorlakson went to university to study Medicine at the University of Manitoba in 1943. He has Viking blood in him as he interrupted his studies to join the Royal Canadian Navy with subsequent North Atlantic convoy duty during World War II. Graduation in 1949 was followed one [...]

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Birgitta Wallace paper on using the Sagas to find Vinland

Click here to read Birgitta Wallace's paper on Leif Eriksson's Home in Vinland Birgitta Wallace sent this to us today. David had met with her two years ago at the Association for the Advancement of Scandinavian Studies in Canada conference at Brock University. It's a great paper on the Sagas. Birgitta met with Dr. Parcak [...]

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Páll Bergþórsson and Johann Sigurdson talk in Iceland

Pall and Navigation Tool SONY DSC Here is Johann Sigurdson talking with Páll Bergþórs­son. Páll has written some books on pre-Columbian exploration with focus on how navigation was done. http://icelandmonitor.mbl.is/…/discovery_of_new_viking_sit…/ https://www.facebook.com/p…/Páll-Bergþórsson/100000022629269

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Busy week for archaeologists and historians

If you haven't heard an archaeology team used satellite images and a ground search last summer to find a previously unknown site in Newfoundland. It isn't claimed to be a Viking-age site but it sure has some compelling evidence. Dr. Parcak, recent winner of the 2016 TED prize of $1 million, her husband, Dr. Greg [...]

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Maritime Archaeologist really likes “Soggy Dames” – Dr. Kimberly Monk

Dr. Kimberly Monk, of the University of Bristol, reached out to us after seeing a posting on a maritime archaeology group on LinkedIn. Dr. Monk, originally of Canada and now residing in the U.K., has done a lot of research on the Battle of Hudson Bay. She has a special fondness for "Soggy Dames", also [...]

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Dr. David C. Smith and Dr. Chris Milligan join the Fara Heim team

We are pleased to announce Dr. David C. Smith and Dr. Chris Milligan, both of McGill University, have joined as Advisers to Fara Heim. They are experts in the history of the Battle of Hudson Bay. They wrote a very in-depth book on Le Pelican for the Stewart Foundation and recently released a very historical [...]

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