Busy week for archaeologists and historians

If you haven’t heard an archaeology team used satellite images and a ground search last summer to find a previously unknown site in Newfoundland. It isn’t claimed to be a Viking-age site but it sure has some compelling evidence. Dr. Parcak, recent winner of the 2016 TED prize of $1 million, her husband, Dr. Greg Mumford, and Dr. Doug Bolender also developed a NOVA special that is coming out this week.

Here are some links to articles.

Dr. Greg Mumford – Academia.edu site with research notes and articles

Dr. Sarah Parcak being interviewed about space archaeology

National Geographic Article on Newfoundland site

One Response to “Busy week for archaeologists and historians”

  1. on 27 Apr 2016 at 8:53 am steve hilgren

    Point Rosee and Baffin Island L’anis aux Meadows and Ungava Bay and now a possible Codroy Valley site all prove the Viking/ Norse outposts but I believe they were possibly in the western Hudson Bay first. The Skalholt map shows they followed the shoreline and sailed south from the northern tip of Greenland and into the fox basin and western Hudson Bay. Past glaciers and into an inland estuary aka Lake Winnipeg and the remains of Glacial Lake Agassiz and then a long narrow ‘v’ shaped bay (lower Agassiz aka the Red River valley).

    You seam to have a good crew and great web site and the tech, equipment and money too I will look closer at your proof.and hope you make the ‘big discovery’. BUT be warned,, t’his is a race’ and I hope to score the ”grand-slam” and prove the vikings were in western Minnesota.,, aka ‘the promotorium of Winelandia”. Good luck thanks,steve

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