Walter Zacharchuk, Advisor for Underwater Search Technology


Walter Zacharchuk brings decades of underwater search knowledge to the team. Since 1947 when he first witnessed diving, he has been fascinated with underwater activities. He started diving in 1951 and used his own home built equipment until 1965. He has a background in modern and ancient naval architecture. His discovery of artifacts during diving led to historical research and two seasons of archaeological land digging under the supervision of Parks Canada Archaeologists. The Parks Canada Archaeological Research Section then hired him to become head of the Underwater Research division.

Under his stewardship, Parks Canada carried out over 35 major surveys and 3 Major Archaeological Excavations including;
1. Mallorytown 1812 Gun Boat
2. Restigouche Excavation of French Frigate which sunk 1760
3. Bay Bulls 1565 Basque Whaling ship

All of these excavations resulted in major Historic Interpretation Centers. In March of 1968, he was called by Colombia University to evaluate the possibility of raising a 1617 Dutch wreck discovered during the construction of the original World Trade Center foundation.   In 1968, he was seconded to U of Pennsylvania/National Geographic to work on the excavation of an Alexander the Great era  (350 BC) cargo vessel in Kyrinia, Cypress. He then retired from Parks Canada in 1985. From 1985 to  present, he is involved as a consultant to private organizations doing exploration and excavation work.

Walter’s role is to advise Fara Heim on how to search underwater.  He is an invaluable addition to the team and his focus is the Battle of Hudson Bay expedition.