Update to Fara Heim Foundation

Yes, you read that correctly. We are now the “Fara Heim Foundation” and applying for non-profit status.

We have not been very good at updating the Expedition Diary as we are constantly blogging onto our facebook page (daily). Since the post before this one we have:

1. Spent 2 weeks on Hudson Bay going by sailboat down the Nelson River to the shores of Hudson Bay and over to York Factory.
2. Have use of a 35′ Pearson sailboat that will be used on Lake Winnipeg, Canada to prepare for the 60′ Glory of the Sea.
3. Travelled to the Arctic to talk to Inuit Elders, spent time in researching in Boston (Massachusetts Historical Society)
4. Decided to spend 2 weeks at York Factory in 2013 searching for artifacts on land and sea related to the Battle of Hudson Bay. This search will let us test our land and sea abilities and gel the team for the 2014 Arctic expedition.
5. Started a monthly newsletter due to popular requests for information. The first one will be in May.

3 Responses to “Update to Fara Heim Foundation”

  1. on 15 Aug 2013 at 12:40 am sean muldoon

    Hello. Happy to see the cbc news story or your search for the Pelican. I am a musician and history teacher. A few years ago I wrote and recorded a song about the Battle of Hudson Bay, called, imaginatively, the Battle of Hudson Bay. Perhaps you would be interested in using it in your documentary. I also have some curriculum materials that I used to help teach the lesson about D’Iberville. Looking forward to hearing from you. Sean M.

  2. on 15 Aug 2013 at 12:26 pm David


    Do you have an mp3 copy of the recording you can share? We’d be more than happy to post it on the site if you’re interested and ensure you get the credits.



  3. on 14 Sep 2013 at 6:44 pm Rafael Ramirez.


    Recently, I was acquainted with your project and the research excursion you have planned, with the sponsorship of the Fara Heim Foundation, to explore the site of the much ignored “Battle of Hudson Bay”. I saw with great interest the comment of Mr. Peter MacLeod from the Canadian war museum.

    Please allow me to introduce myself, with an intriguing yet spectacular alternative to immerse visitors, into the sequences of The Hampshire against The Pelican warships battle, built to Reduced Scale, into the enclosure of an ambitious Diorama, in which all the attack actions of the battle should happen at a near the evening time, with the description made by a professional voice, complemented by the dramatizing of lighting variations; and a sound track containing the cannon explosions, as well as all weapons “fire”, furious battle effects with lighting, harmless smoke and expresive rumble, supported by epic music to increase the dramatic realism of the presentation. The ships should be moving to reach aiming angles up to the final explosion on the Hampshire which should disappear and the scape of the damaged Pelican to safer ground surroundings according to historic descriptions.
    This Animated display will remain always ready to work, reproducing impeccably a pre-established 3 to 4 minutes computerized routine which will start only on the presence of public, on auto-mode or a wireless manual control.

    Design and construction of Animated Display Models, have been my specialty during the latest 55 years, working for the highly competitive environment of World Class Military Trade Shows, in which large worlwide corporations, fight to get Defense Millionaire contracts granted by governments.

    Been a small company, we have frequently be awarded with “The Star of the Show” distinction. Same happens to us with Theme Parks, Interactive Museums, Cinematography and special projects, required by a wide collection of American, Canadian and European Enterprises, from which we treasure many expressive presentation official letters.
    My studio is a small operation with a great product, called “Tridimensional ANIMATION”, which offers the alternative of simultaneous dynamic special effects, to be observed from 360 degrees of spherical faithful perspectives.

    Please visit this YouTube link: http://youtu.be/kZSDwQTzHIY.

    I will remain ready to answer any word received from you.

    Rafael Ramirez,
    Architect specialized in Animation
    Of Professionally designed scale models
    Tel. (514) 601-9998, Montreal, Qc. Canada.

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