Annual Fara Heim Foundation Membership – Odin and Frigg Level

Benefits include
1. Subscription to our event & program e-newsletter featuring updates our research and expedition activities, conversations with archaeologists and historians, and articles about our current research activities (currently sent out 4 times per year)
2. Invitations to special events and previews
3. Access to the Adventurer with Purpose program including getting into the field on our expeditions.
4. Annual expedition t-shirt (sent out once per year, will contact for sizing)
5. Annual expedition hat with your name on it (the 2016 expedition season design this is a baseball cap)
6. Annual expedition autographed team photo.
7. Official Explorers Club 4 1/2″ sew on patch

Odin and his wife Frigg were the original power couple. Odin was a relentless seeker and giver of wisdom. Frigg was responsible for weaving fates and had foreknowledge. With this level of membership you show wisdom and foresight in supporting Fara Heim in their quest to add new pages to the history books. Thank you.

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