Fara Heim adopts Stan Rogers as musical muse

This is David. We’ve got a music muse. I first heard the music of Stan Rogers from an old sea salt (Chuck Manning) in Racine, Wisconsin several years ago while sitting indoors looking out at the waters of Lake Michigan in January. It was at one of those events that sailors have in the winter where you tell the tall tales from last season’s sailing adventures On came a song called “Barrett’s Privateers” from a guy called Stan Rogers. I looked Stan up and it turns out he was Canadian. Next song I heard was “Northwest Passage”. It made me itch to get my boat off the hard. (Tartan 27, Hardtack)

Fast forward to mid-November when Johann and I were driving to the Stefansson monument and Amundsen exhibit. On he turns “Northwest Passage”. Okay, so we may not go west over to Alaska but the theme of adventure resonated with us and his story telling continues to inspire use. Stan is coming with us (in spirit only as he didn’t make it out of a flash fire in an airliner in 1983 two years after he recorded this song).

Hope the expedition crew likes Stan Rogers!!!

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