Guy Maddin joins Advisory board as Chief Story Teller

This is Johann. I just finished talking with Guy Maddin and he’s agreed to be our expert adviser on media. Between the history of the Northern people and lands and the experiences and events of the actual expedition there is a lot of story telling to do. And Guy is an incredible story teller.

Guy not only grew up in Manitoba but he has deep Norse roots as his family immigrated from Iceland. We really appreciate his support. He is an incredibly busy person and told me he is going to film 100 short films in 100 days spread out over the next 365 days (which makes me tired thinking about it). Maybe you’ll see the Fara Heim expedition turned into a short film. Between having a crew on a sailboat for 4 months, traveling across the Arctic at 7 knots and the search for Norse presence I bet there is going to be some crazy events and experiences that will make for a great story!!

Thanks again Guy.

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