The Lost Discovery, Frederick J. Pohl

I was doing research at the Massachusetts Historical Society recently as I was intrigued with the Leif statue on Commonwealth Avenue in Boston and the tower built on the “site” of Leif’s house at “Norumbega”.  What I found is that there was a bit of a “Viking mania” on the East Coast in the 1800s and a lot was written.  I have started reading all this content as while I have no idea whether the material is true or total fantasy it makes for interesting reading.

My research has confirmed my view that validated archaeological proof is required if we are to not be put into the “quack” bucket.  Right now it seems that nobody has found anything anywhere other than Newfoundland that all agree is valid Norse artifacts or signs of activity.

While reading I came across the works of Frederick J. Pohl including “The Lost Discovery”, “The Vikings on Cape Cod”, “Atlantic Crossing before Columbus”, “The Viking Explorers” and “The Viking Settlements in North America”.  He REALLY seemed to like Vikings.  “The Lost Discovery” incorporates the same story told in “The Last Kings of Norse America” and outlines the trip down Hudson Bay into the middle of the continent, found mooring holes and searched for Vinland.  He is a great story teller.  He is not the science fiction author but was a retired school teacher.

Even Birgitta Wallace, on Sept 18-19 1964, did field research on Pohl’s theories.  Her findings are the mooring holes and other suspected artifacts were nothing but blasting holes and remnants from post-Columbian settlers.

Then I came across a Bostonian, Eben Horsford, that also REALLY liked Vikings.  He paid for the Leif statue on Commonwealth and seems to have influenced Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to write his poem about Vikings, “The Skeleton in the Armor”.

If you research using Google either Pohl or Horsford you will find a lot of content, reviews and additional information.

I am trying to get down to the Newport Tower to see what it look likes as it is another well-known artifact from the past that is argued to be Norse.

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