We have done an expedition to Berens River and about to leave for Hudson Bay

We have not been very regular about updating to the expedition diary.  A LOT has been going on:

1. We spent 5 days searching on Lake Winnipeg for hole stones found by a Manitoban named Evald Hansen and referred to in several books written by Hjalmur Holand.  While there we came across a site the indigenous local people call “White Mens Writing on the Rock”.  More to follow.

2. We met with Capt Norman Baker on Lake Winnipeg as he delivered the Explorers Club Flag 109 for the upcoming Battle of Hudson Bay expedition.

3. We completed a CBC National TV and Radio interview that aired today.

Here’s a link to the CBC interview that aired today.  We will find a way to share the radio interview.
We really enjoyed meeting Karen PaulsCameron Macintosh and the CBC crew.

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